Why Ortonature?

One of the main strengths of our company is the fact that we are focused on exclusively high level of service. Based on our experience, one of the elements of quality service is fast delivery. We guarantee delivery of your order in the shortest period possible.
Wholesale price
Our team have developed reasoned pricing policy for wholesale and retail sales of "Ortonature" brand. It lets us offer all products for a competitive manufacturer price.
Convenient type of cooperation
We take care of your own business as well as of that of our partners. First of all, it is a simplified and understandable system of preparing bulk orders that saves time for both parties. Secondly, it is flexibility and individual approach to every customer.
Full warehouse of goods
All goods offered on our website are already manufactured and stocked in our warehouse. That way we can quickly set up your order and immediately send it to the necessary address all over the World.
Wide assortment of goods
Today, we are happy to offer you a wide range of orthopaedic puzzle mats that can be fastened to each other, and due to joint work with the manufacturing factory we have an opportunity to increase our assortment by means of new textures and sets of puzzle mats.
All Designs are unique and one of a kind
Development of orthopaedic puzzle mats “Ortonature” has been patented jointly with the leading physiotherapists. Long-standing experience and work of physiotherapists in their area allowed us to create a product that may be used in each family and child care facilities. Thus, in home conditions preventing various deformations of the child’s feet already in the early stage of child development.
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